Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Post

This is my first post. First post in my very-new blog. I just made this blog today. I think, i need to introduce my self first :)

  • My name is Stella. Was, born on March, 20th. I'm 12th this March.
  • I think, i'm not smart. But i'm clever.
  • I had a long hair, black eyes, wear -3.00 eyeglasses.
  • I love to dance, dance, dance, and dance :)
  • Nice girl. I think i'm.
  • I love, i like, i had a crush, i'm crazy about FASHION. Fashion is my poison. I think fashion is talent. People can be stylish just because she/he have a talent/poison in fashion. Stylish is being fashionable with out trend, i mean make a style, and mix and match clothes alone, and fashionable is being stylish and turn in with trend. That's my statement!
  • I like fashion since i'm still 4th grade. When, i'm reading Nylon magazine, and something open my eyes! and make me love about fashion. It's little bit weird right? I don't know it's start to me.
  • Many inspiration of my life. My mother, father, teacher, my brother (he's stylish too, and he's have blogs too. Let's see on my list left there) and also GOD. I love them so much, they make my life wonderful.
  • My fashion inspiration is .... humm, i don't know i mean many! you can be confuse if i told you all. Hahah. I think my fashion inspiration is from here (fashion bloggers' world), like Lookbook, Chictopia (I don't have, but i have been see that on their website), Fashion Bloggers! So much, many! isnpire me.
  • My Fashion icon Alexa Chung. Just one and only her.
  • My favorite designer is Alexander Wang, Kira Plastinina (the young designer), and Nina Nikicio (Indonesian's Designer), their design so much fantastic.
  • My favorie fashion item is many. I think the looks good, stylish, unique, and confortable if we are wearing.
That's all about me.